Frozen Chicken Paws

Description by Manufacturer

We do supply the Grade A premium quality Frozen Chicken products and the following Chicken parts are supplied;

Detailed Description: - Washed and clean. - Without yellow skin. - No feathers. - No bad smell. - No blood. - No bruises. - No black pads. - No traces of carved deep wounds. - No ammonia burns. - Broken bones: under 3%. - Moisture content: less than 1%. - Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours. - Blasted at: -40°C. - Storage at: -18°C - 100% Fresh and Frozen Safe for human consumption

Storage, loading and transportation system.

Stored in chill rooms for early dispatch or frozen and stored for dispatch as required Loading is made in refrigerated pallets, containing in each pallet 1MT/1000kg.

Our method of packaging, Protects the product from contamination, damage and moisture loss and spoilage by micro-organisms As customer requires,

Product : Processed Grade ''A'' Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws

Quality: Grade A

Average Weight of Feet : 40 -60 grams/piece Average Length of Feet : 12 - 18 cm /piece

Average Weight of Paws : 35 -60 grams/piece Average Length of Paws : 10 - 15 cm /piece

Size: 35-65 gram


Appearance Requirement:

Clean No Feathers No Bad Smell No Blood No Black Pad No Bruise No Chemical Burns Broken Bones Less than 3% Moisture Less than 1% Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Frozen Requirement :

Blast Frozen at -40o C Stocked at -18o C


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